Why Young Generations Prefer Court Marriage Over Traditional Rituals

In the modern age, our youth have begun to think differently about everything. They want to understand or solve anything quickly without wasting their valuable time. This psychological change also creates an impact on their married life while their parents refuse to accept any relationship due to numerous reasons. As a result, to turn a love relationship into a legal commitment, they conduct a tatkal court marriage in Delhi by contacting an approved marriage registration service provider.

According to some studies, some other reasons also found behind the preference for court marriage or same-day marriage in India which are discussed below – 

A Few Reasons Behind Young Generations’ Preference for Court Marriage or Same-Day Marriage

  • Avoid gossip – During every traditional wedding, the bride and groom are both embarrassed by numerous comments about food, decorations, costume, transportation, and so on. To avoid such gossip or behavior issues caused by family, friends, and neighbors, today’s young generation prefers to register their marriage under Tatkal court marriage in Delhi to enjoy their lovely moments and make them unforgettable for the rest of their lives.
  • Budget-friendly – Traditional marriage involves various expenses, such as booking a wedding hall, printing invitation cards, arranging meals, performing ceremonies with the assistance of priests, arranging transportation and housing for guests, and so on. For court marriage or same-day marriage in Delhi or Ghaziabad, on the other hand, you only need to pay a specific fee to an authorized marriage registration service provider. As a result, it offers a cost-effective cum hassle-free solution for any couple.
  • No hard rituals need to be followed – In a traditional marriage, the bride and groom must both complete several difficult rites, such as doing all of the rituals while fasting, etc. Today’s new generation avoids those intense traditions by only conducting legal marriages following government laws for documentation and other eligibility criteria.
  • Prevent wastage of food – Food waste is a common issue at traditional weddings, regardless of how big or small the preparations are taken by the family members. To avoid such instances, opting for court marriage is a fantastic choice since you just need to offer treats to your close friends, co-workers, or family members in a restaurant after completing the legal procedure.


After reading this blog, don’t assume that the young generation will completely ignore traditional marriage in the upcoming days. More than 60% of couples still want to perform their marriage traditionally to fully enjoy all of the rituals with family and friends. However, it is strongly advised that all couples should conduct a court marriage or tatkal marriage to legally legitimize their marriage in India as well as to reap the benefits of a registered marriage in their marital life.

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