What Delhi Couple Should Know While Registering for Arya Samaj Marriage

Marriage is all about the mutual bonding of two souls. It is a wonderful experience that everyone wants to undergo at a certain point in life. In India, registering a marriage is still not compulsory. Though, there are several laws regulated by different authorities in different parts of India regarding marriage registration. Today, our topic of discussion is how to make a hassle-free and successful Arya Samaj marriage registration in Delhi or anywhere else in India.

Introduction of Arya Samaj Marriage 

The process of this marriage is quite straightforward. It is easily taken as a form of Hindu marriage as it is also performed over a fire. The Arya Samaj Marriage Validation Act of 1937 is recognized under the Hindu Marriage Act, of 1955. Thus, couples who are already married or going to marry via Arya Samaj marriage rituals need to register their marriage either under Hindu Marriage Act 1955 or the Special Marriage Act 1954. The registration process helps them to get a valid marriage registration certificate. 

Who Can Do This Marriage?

  • First of all, the bride and bridegroom need to be Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, or Jain to perform Arya Samaj Marriage. 
  • The bride has to be 18 or above by age and the groom has to be 21 or above by age. 
  • Inter-caste and inter-religious marriages can be performed via Arya Samaj marriage rituals. 

Exception: If a couple is completely Muslim, Parsis, Christian, or Jews or anyone of the couple is non-Hindu, they need to undergo a process of Suddhi. The Suddhi would be performed in a registered Arya Samaj Mandir in the presence of a Priest. After that, the couple can perform this marriage and Arya Samaj Marriage registration in Delhi (or the city they belong to). 

Is Arya Samaj Marriage Certificate Valid? 

According to Indian law, the certificate is not considered valid proof of marriage. Thus, a couple who have already got married via Arya samaj marriage customs need to register their marriage in the sub-divisional magistrate’s office. 

Registration Procedure for Marriage in Delhi?

It is good to start the Arya Samaj Marriage registration process in Delhi before your marriage takes place. The Arya Samaj Marriage registration in Delhi takes at least 15 days if the marriage is getting registered under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955. If the marriage is getting registered under the Special Marriage Act 1954, it takes at least 60 days for registration. 

The steps a couple needs to follow to register their marriage in Delhi are, 

  • Booking an appointment at the sub-divisional magistrate’s office. 
  • Filling up the registration form online or offline.
  • Submit all necessary documents including a photograph of marriage, identity proof, address proof, age proof, and 2 photographs each of the bride and groom for registration. 
  • Two witnesses – one from each side of the groom and bride with their identities in the marriage registration office in Delhi.  

Last but not least,

However, if any of the party (bride/groom) is divorced or a widow then he or she needs to present the required document for successful marriage registration in Delhi.

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