Tatkal Marriage Registration- All You Need To Know About

Marriage certificates are the official legal documentation of marriage in court and other social organisations. The certificate of marriage comprises the couple’s name, wedding date, witness signatures, addresses, PAN numbers, and so on. Essentially, these certificates are an important document in a couple’s lives and should be maintained close at hand. Let us now look at who is eligible for marriage registration Ghaziabad under the government of India.

What is the Minimum Age for Obtaining a Marriage Certificate?

The following are the requirements for obtaining a marriage certificate online or offline:

  • Married couples seeking marriage certificates must be married;
  • The bride must be 18 years old, while the husband must be 21 years old.
  • There should be no prohibited connection between the groom and the bride.

What precisely is a Tatkal Marriage Certificate?

Tatkal marriage certificates are the same as marriage certificates. In the event of an urgent need for a marriage certificate, the Indian government also provides couples with the option of asking for a Tatkal marriage registration certificate.

This expedites the procedure of obtaining a marriage certificate. But, the applicant must pay a little more money for this expedited registration. It’s a fantastic alternative for people who need a marriage certificate quickly for formal purposes or who can’t wait for the full process to be completed.

What is the Average Wait Time for a Tatkal Marriage Certificate?

Tatkal means “Quick,” thus the Tatkal method is as quick as it gets. It is typically faster than the traditional method of acquiring a marriage certificate. As a result, couples that need to register their marriage quickly or urgently opt for Tatkal marriage registration documents. A Tatkal marriage certificate typically takes around 13 days or three business days. Nonetheless, the Tatkal software uploads marriage certificates within one day after approval.

What Fee Structure is Used for Tatkal Marriage Registration?

The government fee structure for Tatkal marriage – https://services.india.gov.in/service/ – starts at 2500 and is determined by the statute under which the marriage is registered.

Process for Getting Tatkal Marriage Certificates in Steps

Sign up for the county of your city or state of residence. If you are from Delhi, for example, you can register in the district Delhi;

  • Establish a basic account with your Aadhar or Voter ID card;
  • Fill up the blanks with information on the couple and witnesses.
  • Apply for an affidavit in the format specified;
  • Upload all papers once SDM approves the format.

The following step is to make a reservation. SDM will assess the case and schedule a date for the marriage to be registered. Eventually, when everything has been thoroughly inspected, you will obtain your marriage certificate.


We have outlined the method for registering the Tatkal marriage certificate and included all of the papers necessary. There may be times when a marriage certificate is required as soon as possible, and this is when a Tatkal marriage certificate is required. Occasionally couples want to relocate or need to submit paperwork to move overseas. They may then request a Tatkal marriage certificate.

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