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Getting married is the most memorable moment in everyone’s life, and at Marriage Registration Services, we have been assisting the Bride and Groom by offering affordable 30 Days of Court Marriage, Same Day Court Marriage, and Arya Semaj Marriage, all while adhering to the Indian Government’s marriage registration law.

Marriage Registration in Ghaziabad

Nowadays, the new generation prefers extremely simple marriages over traditional ceremonies to save time and avoid social restrictions and complicated rituals. The term “simple marriage” refers to marriage registration Ghaziabad that is conducted by the court. After completing the marriage registration process, the court issues a marriage registration certificate which is valid all over the world.

While the young generation is aware of the need for marriage registration in Ghaziabad, they also try to educate their parents and other senior family members about the value and advantages of marriage registration. After obtaining the necessary information, our forefathers express an interest in following the procedure of marriage registration Ghaziabad to obtain the marriage registration certificate and enjoy certain significant benefits such as opening a joint bank account (with the names of the husband and wife), applying for a passport, and so on.

As an authorized marriage registration services provider in Ghaziabad, Marriage Registration Services, provides a hassle-free service to above mentioned both types of couples to conduct their marriage registration in Ghaziabad by adhering to the rules and regulations of the Government of India through 30 Days of Court Marriage or Same Day Court Marriage based on the client’s need.

Marriage registration in Ghaziabad is divided into two categories: normal and tatkal. The standard system requires a three-week registration process, whereas Tatkal registration can be completed on the same day against an extra fee.

Marriage Registration in Ghaziabad
Marriage Registration in Ghaziabad
Marriage Certificate Ghaziabad Sample
Marriage Registration in Ghaziabad
Marriage Registration in Ghaziabad

Note:- Why is marriage registration done only after court marriage in Ghaziabad?

Marriage registration is an evidence document that proves the authenticity of the marriage. For completing the marriage registration the couple will have to show that they are married. Also, the couple will have to provide a court marriage Ghaziabad certificate to the marriage registration officer for completing their marriage registration.

So, if you don’t know about marriage registration or are willing to know about marriage registration in Ghaziabad then your favorite lawyer is with you. Just stick to this discussion and you’ll get all the information here. So, without wasting any time, get started.

What is marriage certificate in Ghaziabad?

A marriage certificate Ghaziabad is a legal document that verifies a husband and wife’s relationship. The district marriage register issue a marriage certificate following the Hindu marriage and special marriage acts.

This document is the biggest and most important document which proves that the marriage is done with the full consent of both parties. It also plays protection for parties involved in the marriage. Let us now with an example

Suppose, 2 willing parties who are willing to get married will get married with a dedicated marriage certificate and marriage registration certificate. If one of the parties draws its consent and files a case against the other party due to any possible reason then no action will be taken against the other party if their marriage is registered. So, here we see that this document plays an evidensive role and protects you from any kind of legal consequences.

Not only this, but this document attains more advantages which we discussed later in this discussion. The total duration of completing the marriage registration process is about 30 days which is done on SDM with complete required documentation and done under the specified process.

Advantages of having marriage certificate Ghaziabad?

 There are plenty of advances that you’ll get with Marriage Certificate in Ghaziabad. So, let’s see

  • The first and the most important advantage of marriage registration is that your marriage is registered under the government database and you’ll get a green signal from the jurisdiction of the nation for your marriage.
  • It plays an evident role that the marriages are done with the full consent of both parties. This will protect you from any action against you.
  • At the time of applying for a VISA in a foreign country, this document is required to prove your marital status.
  • After the marriage, you’ll be required to have a marriage registration certificate to change the name of your partner in legal documents.
  • In case of divorce, the court will ask you to show your marriage registration. This makes your case strong and the party can take a claimed attorney from another party.
  • If one of the parties died the marriage reputation is the document that helps you to get the claim from the insurance company.

So, these are the major documents that you’ll enjoy after the completion of marriage registration. If you wanna know more then book your counseling session with our professional lawyer. In this session, you’ll get complete guidance on-court marriage in Ghaziabad and marriage registration in Ghaziabad. We also clear all your doubts and provide deep knowledge regarding this. You can easily contact us and book your counseling appointment with us.

Prerequisites to know about marriage registration Ghaziabad

 There are plenty of prerequisites that you should know before going for marriage registration in Ghaziabad.

  • The work of marriage registration is not performed every working day in a court. You can only apply for marriage registration on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • The time of marriage registration in the SDM office is from 9 AM to 6 PM.
  • An extra charge will be taken from the customers if they’re applying for tatkal marriage certificate Ghaziabad or registration.
  • Both the parties should have completed their minor age and be completely eligible for marriage.
  • The address of both the parties (residential address) should be in Ghaziabad.
  • The couple can apply for marriage registration or will get eligible for marriage registration only when their court marriage will get completed.
  • Both parties should be of sound mind. If one afterparty is found unsound, the application for marriage registration will get void.
  • If the government officials found anything wrong then they can cancel your marriage registration and you have to re-apply for your marriage registration.
  • The total duration of completion of marriage registration is about 30 days.

So, these are the prerequisites that you have to take care of before going to apply for marriage registration. Now, let’s see the last documents which you’re required to complete the Marriage Certificate in Ghaziabad.

Documentation required for marriage registration in Ghaziabad

To apply for marriage registration in Ghaziabad, both the husband and wife must sign the marriage registration application form along with a few documents which are mentioned below –

  • Identity Proof of Groom and Bride – Aadhaar Card/ PAN Card / Voter ID card / Passport / Driving License / Any Govt. recognized document.
  • Residence proof of Groom and Bride – Aadhaar Card / Passport /Bank Passbook/ Telephone Bill (Landline or Post-paid Mobile Bill) /Voter ID Card / Ration    Card / Electricity Bill/ Gas Bill / Driving License / Rent Agreement (Registered)/ Any Govt. recognized document.
  • Age Proof of Groom and Bride – Aadhaar Card/ Birth Certificate / Passport/ Driving License/ PAN Card / Matriculation Certificate or Admit Card/ Voter Id card. According to the age proof document, both parties must be at least 21 years old for guys and 18 years old for girls.
  • Photograph – During submission of the application form for marriage registration Ghaziabad 2-2 photographs of passport size are also required for the identification of the face.
  • Witness – 1 witness from each side (groom and bride) need to be available along with their ID proof at the time of marriage registration in Ghaziabad
  • Death Certificate – If the bride is a widow or the groom’s prior wife died, the death certificate of their former spouse must be submitted.
  • Divorce Certificate – If either the groom or the bride got divorced from their prior spouse, they must submit their divorce certificate to the registrar of marriage certificate Ghaziabad.
  • In the case of foreigners, the party must validate their VISA or OCI Card, as well as other legal documents.
  • If the marriage occurred inter-religious, a certificate of conversion is also necessary.

If you are having trouble completing the required steps and documentation for the application, Marriage Registration Services can assist you in that regard.

Eligibility condition for marriage registration in Ghaziabad

  • According to the basic requirements for marriage registration in Ghaziabad, both parties must be Indian. The bride must be at least 18 years old, and the groom must be at least 21 years old.
  • Either the groom or the bride must be from Ghaziabad, or the marriage must take place within Ghaziabad.
  • Both the bride and the groom should not have been married previously, and the spouse should not be living if the individual is already married.
  • Another critical requirement for marriage registration Ghaziabad is that the parties should not be of the such unsound mind that they are unable to offer legal authorization for the marriage, or that they are suffering from a mental ailment of such magnitude that they are unfit for marriage and childbirth.

So, these are the complete list of documents that you have to arrange to complete marriage certificate Ghaziabad. Let’s discuss the process which you have to follow for the completion of Ghaziabad marriage registration.

The process to obtain a duplicate marriage registration Certificate

Your marriage certificate, along with other crucial documents, might be lost or destroyed accidentally or as a result of a natural disaster (flood, fire attack) (Aadhar Card, Voter Id, PAN card, etc.) Without those documents, you may feel insecure in these circumstances. Don’t be worried as there are separate procedures available in our nation for obtaining a duplicate copy of all those important documents.

To reduce your stress, as a recognized marriage registration services provider, here we are going to guide you on how to obtain a duplicate marriage registration certificate in Ghaziabad.

To receive a duplicate marriage registration certificate in Ghaziabad, please follow the steps explained below – 

  • Obtain an appropriate application form – To apply for a duplicate marriage registration certificate, first, you must get an application form for a duplicate marriage certificate. The application form is available at the municipal corporation office or the marriage registration office of Ghaziabad.
  • Fill the application form carefully – Next, after receiving the application form, you must correctly fill it out. If the application form contains any incorrect information, it will be rejected.
  • Attached required documents with the form – You must now attach all papers to that same application form. The following documents are necessary when applying for a duplicate marriage certificate in Ghaziabad.
  1. Proof of Marriage (copy of marriage certificate/receipt of registration/invitation card/photograph of marriage) needs to be attached to the duplicate marriage certificate application form.
  2. Identity proof of both bride and groom (voter id card/ration card/driving license/passport / Aadhar card).
  3. Two recent passport-size photographs of both bride and groom.
  • Submit the form – Submit the application form along with all documents at the Sub-Registrar or Municipality office where the marriage was registered. They will provide a receipt that can be used as a future reference. in which the application is submitted. Following that, a certificate will be re-issued based on the original information in the records, and you must collect it from the office where you submitted the application form.

If you have any further questions about duplicate marriage registration certificates in Ghaziabad, please contact us to obtain a beneficial solution.

Note:- Yes, we have discussed above that the complete procedure of marriage registration will take 30 days but there is a provision which is called “Tatkal marriage registration in Ghaziabadunder this provision you’re eligible to complete your marriage registration in Ghaziabad, and get your marriage registration certificate in Ghaziabad within 24 hours to 48 hours. You may have to prepare some extra charges for Tatkal Marriage Certificate in Ghaziabad so be prepared for it.

Marriage Registration in Ghaziabad

Best marriage registration service provider in Ghaziabad

Many associates influence you to complete your marriage registration in just 2-3 hours or at a very minimum cost but let you know that they’re not authentic and do fraud with you. You have to be conscious while selecting the marriage associates for yourself.

We’re one of the best marriage registration service providers working for the past 4 years. We’re a registered and authentic platform that has completed more than 3000 court marriages and marriage registration in Ghaziabad.

Well, let us tell you that It depends upon person to person and situation to situation for prices, so prices may differ but no hidden cost will be charged from you. Marriage Registration is done by the concerned registrar of marriage solely at his/her discretion and if he found anything wrong then he has the right to cancel your application while marriage registration Ghaziabad. But, don’t worry because we’re with you to deal with any kind of legal situation during marriage registration or marriage certificate Ghaziabad.

Marriage Registration is done by the marriage registrar, which is an appointed officer of the Government of Ghaziabad. We do not register any marriage on its own. We just assist you in every step and guide you related to every step required in marriage registration.

We also provide marriage registration certificate in Delhi.

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The data of the client such as name, phone number, email id, address, etc collected by our professional marriage registration executive is only used for communication purposes. We assure you that all your data collected by us are not sold anywhere so don’t worry because you’re working with the best marriage registration service provider Ghaziabad.

For Online Marriage registration in Ghaziabad, you can easily avail service of an online marriage certificate in Ghaziabad with 0% hidden cost. If you have other queries regarding marriage certificate in Ghaziabad, you can visit our office address mentioned below between 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM on working days and submit documents as well.

We take a very nominal charge which is the most reasonable price for marriage registration. Our services are premium and you’ll get the best service from us. So, visit our office or book your counseling session for clearing all your doubts. We’re a family and welcome you in our family we’ll or use the you’ll get your work done with genuine price and within specified time period.

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