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According to the Supreme Court of India’s declaration made in the year 2006, registration of your marriage is essential to verify your relationship with your spouse legally. To manage this vital step in your life, Marriage Registration Services, offer affordable 30 Days of Court Marriage, Same Day Court Marriage, and Arya Samaj Marriage, by adhering to the marriage registration law of the Delhi Government.

Marriage Registration in Delhi

When a couple decides to marry with the approval of a family member, they begin to focus on making a guest list for the invitation, choosing a specific date for marriage, reserving a marriage hall, shopping for the wedding day, discussing the food menu, and so on, rather than thinking about marriage registration Delhi and obtaining a legal marriage certificate by following the govt. laws.

On the other hand, if a couple decides to marry each other without the authorization of family members due to social or family restrictions, those couples choose to conduct their wedding by visiting any Temple rather than contacting an authorised court marriage service provider to obtain a certificate under marriage registration in Delhi.

In these scenarios, we would like to inform you that registration under the Delhi Compulsory Registration of Marriage Order 2014 must be completed within 60 days, excluding the day of the final marriage ceremony. A penalty will be imposed if a marriage is not registered within the prescribed/extended term.

Hence, don’t neglect the regulations of marriage registration in Delhi because the process isn’t too complicated but provides several benefits to couples who have registered their marriage by adhering to the mandated marriage registration laws.

To provide a comprehensive view of the marriage registration Delhi procedure to all the couples and their family members, we are now going to explain some key information about the marriage certificate, types of marriage certificates, advantages of marriage certificates, necessary papers for marriage registration, eligibility requirements, and so on.

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Marriage Registration in Delhi
Marriage Registration in Delhi
Delhi Marriage Certificate Sample
Marriage Registration in Delhi
Marriage Registration in Delhi

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What is marriage certificate in Delhi?

A Marriage Certificate Delhi is a legal document that confirms the relationship between a husband and wife. A marriage certificate is issued by the district marriage registrar following the Hindu marriage and special marriage acts. 

Marriage Registration Acts

In India, there are now two marriage registration acts under which a marriage certificate is issued. Those acts are –

The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 – There are two ways to get a marriage certificate in Delhi under the Hindu Marriage Act which are as follows –

  • Normal Marriage Registration – To get a marriage certificate in Delhi, the application, affidavits, and other supporting documents must be submitted to the relevant sub-divisional magistrate’s office. If all documentation is submitted properly, then a day and time for Delhi marriage registration will be scheduled.

The husband, wife, and two witnesses must present at the Sub Divisional Magistrate’s office with the original documents on the day of the appointment. Please keep in mind Marriage certificates cannot be issued in Delhi if the couple is not physically present, since the sub-divisional magistrate usually meets with the married couple face to face before issuing a marriage certificate. A joint photograph of the couple is also taken, which will appear on the marriage certificate. Finally, the marriage certificate Delhi will be issued on the same day of the registration.

  • Tatkal Marriage Registration Delhi – If a couple requires a marriage certificate urgently, they can follow Tatkal or same-day marriage registration in Delhi. Under the tatkal marriage registration process, both document verification and marriage registration take place on the same day in Delhi. At the end of the process, married couples in Delhi receive marriage certificates.

Special Marriage Act, 1954– In 1954, the Special Marriage Act was adopted to regulate marriage between inter-caste and inter-religious couples. It takes 30 days to complete. The initial notification must be served. The marriage registration in Delhi is then finalised 30 days following the date of the notice, once the SDM has decided on any objections submitted within that period. On the date of registration/solemnization, both parties, as well as three witnesses, must be present to complete the registration process. Finally, a registration marriage certificate Delhi is issued in 14 days.

What are the benefits of marriage certificate Delhi ?

The following are some of the benefits of registering your marriage in Delhi-

  • A marriage certificate in Delhi is required when applying for a passport or creating a bank account with a new surname after marriage (applicable for the bride).
  • Following the completion of marriage registration in Delhi, the couple will receive a marriage registration certificate, which they can show as proof of legal marriage.
  • The presence of marriage registration Delhi is required while applying for a divorce, or child custody.
  • To file an insurance claim in the event of the death of a spouse (husband/wife), a photocopy of the marriage certificate in Delhi is required.
  • If one of the parties claims that the marriage is false and was done without his/her consent, the marriage certificate Delhi helps to establish that the allegation is worthless, and legal action may be taken against the party using the certificate as well.
  • Marriage certificate Delhi boosts self-confidence among married women as well as this document helps in the detection of illegal bigamy.

Documentation required for marriage registration Delhi ?

Here is a list of the documents needed to apply for marriage registration in Delhi

  • Identity Proof of Groom and Bride – Aadhaar Card/ PAN Card / Voter ID card / Passport / Driving Licence / Any Govt. recognized document.
  • Residence proof of Groom and Bride – Aadhaar Card / Passport /Bank Passbook/ Telephone Bill (Landline or Postpaid Mobile Bill) /Voter ID Card / Ration    Card / Electricity Bill/ Gas Bill / Driving Licence / Rent Agreement (Registered)/ Any Govt. recognized document.
  • Age Proof of Groom and Bride – Aadhaar Card/ Birth Certificate / Passport/ Driving Licence/ PAN Card / Matriculation Certificate or Admit Card/ Voter Id card. According to the age proof document, both parties must be at least 21 years old for guys and 18 years old for girls.
  • Photograph – During submission of the application form for marriage registration Delhi 2-2 photographs of passport size are also required for the identification of the face.
  • Witness – 1 witness from each side (groom and bride) need to be available along with their ID proof at the time of marriage registration in Delhi.
  • Death Certificate – If the bride is a widow or the groom’s prior wife died, the death certificate of their former spouse must be submitted.
  • Divorce Certificate – If either the groom or the bride got divorced from their prior spouse, they must submit their divorce certificate to the registrar of marriage certificate Delhi.
  • In the case of foreigners, the party must validate their VISA or OCI Card, as well as other legal documents.
  • If the marriage occurred inter-religious, a certificate of conversion is also necessary.

So, these are the primary documents that are used for the competing registration process easily. But, they’re not enough. You’ll also have to arrange some other documents which are also called subsidiary documents for Marriage Certificate in Delhi, See the list below :-

  • If one of the parties is a widow or spouse then he/she will have to show the death certificate of their former partner.
  • In case of divorce, the party who has taken divorce from their partner should have to show their divorce certificate to the registrar of marriage certificate in
  • In the case of foreigners, the party will have to verify its VISA or OCI Card and other legal documents.
  • If the marriage was inter-religion then the document of conversion is also required.

Here, we have discussed the clear and detailed list of documentation that is required for the completion of Marriage registration in Delhi.

Eligibility Condition for Marriage Registration in Delhi

Please carefully read the eligibility criteria for marriage registration in Delhi before submitting your application form.

  • Among the couple, either the Groom or the Bride, must be an Indian citizen.
  • The groom must be 21 years old, while the bride must be 18 years old. (As on the Wedding Date.)
  • Marriage has taken place inside the territorial authority of the National Capital Territory of Delhi.
  • The Delhi Compulsory Registration of Marriage Order 2014 confirms that marriage registration Delhi needs to be completed within 60 days, excluding the day of the final marriage ceremony.

On the day of the appointment with the Marriage Officer, both parties (Bride and Groom) must be present in person, along with two witnesses who must be permanent residents of Delhi, and certify the solemnization of such marriage.

Prerequisites to know before marriage registration

We’re your lawyer and we’ll tell you everything which you should know regarding the marriage registration Delhi. Let’s have an eye on some essentials to know about marriage registration in Delhi.

  • The service of marriage registration-related work can be executed on specific days of the week like Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So, make your planning accordingly.
  • It is very important for the execution of marriage certificate Delhi that one of the parties is a resident of Delhi.
  • In marriages like Tatkal marriage in Delhi, Arya samaj marriage, and marriage under the special marriage act some extra charges are propounded during marriage registration.
  • For submitting the documents, you have to visit or mail us required documents.
  • You can visit the our office from Monday to Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM.

Note : All the information and perquisites are only for people belonging to Hindu, Sikh, Budh, and Jain, religions. If you belong to a Muslim religion then some requirements can be different.

The procedure of marriage registration & marriage certificate in Delhi?

See the steps below to know the exact procedure for Delhi marriage registration:-

  • Firstly, you have to complete your court marriage in Delhi and get your marriage certificate. After the completion of court marriage in Delhi apply for marriage registration in Delhi.
  • Visit the marriage registration office with all the documents which are listed above and process your application for marriage registration.
  • The marriage registration officer will verify all the details.
  • The marriage registration officer will complete some formalities and proceed with your marriage registration to SDM.
  • SDM verifies everything and gives acceptance to your marriage registration application.

Hence, your marriage registration will get completed and you’ll get your marriage registration certificate within 30 days.

Contact us – We hope that the given information on marriage registration in Delhi encourages you to go through the legal procedure of registering your marriage. However, if you want assistance in applying for marriage registration Delhi, please call us to schedule an appointment and meet with our experienced lawyer to obtain the best advice based on your needs. As an authorised marriage registration services provider, we always protect our client’s privacy by storing their name, phone number, e-mail address, and other information in our database without disclosing it to others, and our services seem to be more affordable than others.

So, start planning for your marriage registration in Delhi today and make your marriage legitimate in our country.

Note : Court didn’t issue any special certificate of marriage registration. Your marriage registration certificate will be available on the official website of the Delhi government. You just have to take the download and make a print of it.

We also provide Marriage Certificate in Ghaziabad.

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The data of the client such as name, phone number, email id, address, and other details collected by us is only used for communication purposes for Marriage Certificate Delhi. Your details are safe with us and you can trust us that your details are encrypted and safe with us. We don’t do anything with your details without your consideration.

So, if you’re willing to complete your marriage registration or Marriage Certificate Delhi then visit our office or contact us now and book your appointment with us today. We claim to be the best platform that provides premium class service with 0% hidden cost. With us, you’ll get your work done at the most reasonable cost and within the prescribed period. Now, don’t delay and contact us today to book your appointment, meet our professional lawyer and book your counseling session.

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