Court Marriage in Ghaziabad – A Hassle free Marriage Registration Over Caste/Religion/Time Barrier

In India, marriages are conducted under a set of acts. Among these, two acts are carried out widely to register marriages – Hindu Marriage Act (1955) and the Special Marriage Act (1954). Couples who want hassle free Court Marriage Registration in Ghaziabad can go to following the Special Marriage Act, of 1954. Court marriage is performed between bride and groom irrespective of caste, creed, religion, and faith in India. Even court marriage is performed between an Indian and NRI/foreigner under the law Special Marriage Act 1954.

4-Best Part of Hassle Free Court Marriage

Whether you are from Ghaziabad or anywhere else in India, several great things indulge many Indians to tie the knot via court marriage.

  1. Faster Process:  Count Marriages are conducted just in 30 days from the date of application submitted for marriage registration. Not only gathering but also time is a factor that is included in social marriage. But, if you are in hurry to marry to obtain a family or residency visa abroad, court marriage is second to none. 
  2. Fuss-Free Marriage Procedure: When you have no time to arrange or manage your social marriage session in your home town Ghaziabad or anywhere else, court marriage is the fuss-free option. You can swipe vows just in hours and tag your marriage legally and easily. 
  3. Same-Day Marriage Registration: Yes, you heard it right. You can do same-day marriage as well as obtain same-day marriage certificates via the court marriage process. Just you need to process the traditional marriage ritual in a temple (marriage in Arya Samaj Mandir if both you are Hindu) or in a religious place according to your religion, and take a certificate from the place. The certificate will prove your marriage authenticity near court for the court marriage or the same day marriage. 
  4. Marriage Registration Over Religion/Caste Obstacles: When you would do a court marriage in Ghaziabad or anywhere else in India, your caste/creed or religion will no more be a barrier. This is the beauty and freedom of court marriage in India. Just follow your heart, hold the hand of your beloved, do the needful to apply to court marriage, and you are done. 

Documents You Need to Keep Handy for Court Marriage

When you are about to solemnize your union via the court marriage option in Ghaziabad (and/or the city you belong to in India), you need to keep a few documents handy. These are 

  • Birth Certificate or Class 10th Admit/Mark sheet
  • Address Proof
  • Identity Proof
  • Passport Size Photographs (6 from each)
  • Divorce Certificate/ Death Certificate if bride/groom was previously married and spouse passed away respectively. 

If anyone, either bride or groom is a foreigner or NRI then she/he needs to provide a copy of the visa along with proof of residency abroad to the marriage officer to process court marriage. 

On a Final Note, 

It is advised to produce only authentic documents to accomplish the best court marriage in Ghaziabad. Submission of fake documents for court marriage would declare the marriage null and void.  You can contact Marriage Registration Services, an experienced and professional marriage registration assistant in Ghaziabad for genuine and hassle-free court marriage in Ghaziabad.

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