All You need to Know for Same Day Court Marriage Registration In Ghaziabad

Believe it or not, marriages are made in heaven. It is so adoring to listen to such lines. But, in reality, there are too many distinguished steps we need to complete to seal the marriage deal. Court marriage and/or marriage registration is one of these vital steps that should be accomplished when you tie the knot with your loved one or the groom/bride chosen by parents and family. Today, we would know how to conduct same day court marriage in Ghaziabad.

Conditions for Same Day Court Marriage in Ghaziabad

The rules and regulations for Ghaziabad court marriage are different from other cities in India. Still, we would discuss what a couple should do when they are willing to tie the knot via court marriage on the same day in Ghaziabad. Let us move on.

There are a few conditions that a couple must meet to solemnize same day court marriage in Ghaziabad.

  1. Age Condition: To do court marriage in India, the bride must be 18 or above and the groom must be 21 or above by age.
  2. Mutual Consent for Marriage: There should be mutual consent for the marriage from the couple. No marriage or court marriage in India is considered valid without the consent of the bride and groom.
  3. Both Are Mentally Sound: Marriage in court or anywhere in India cannot be taken place if either of bride or groom is not mentally stable.
  4. Not In Prohibited Relationship: If the bride and groom share any type of blood relationship, the marriage cannot take place. According to IPC Section 3 of the Hindu Marriage Act, marriage is completely prohibited between a male and female who shares a certain kind of blood relationship.
  5. Not in Active Relationship: We all know that India prohibits bigamy. So, if a person (bride/groom) is already married then he/she cannot marry again. Conditions applied here, the person can marry a second time if he/she is divorced with all legal norms or he/she is a widow/widower.
  6. Marriage in Temple or Other Ways: When a couple is going to apply for same-day court marriage in Ghaziabad, they must accomplish marriage rituals in a Hindu temple (if both parties are Hindu) or any other ways including Nikah, Church marriage, and/or Arya Samaj Marriage. It is mandatory to produce proof of marriage to the court when a couple intends to perform same-day court marriage.

Documents Required to Do Same Day Court Marriage

Apart from the conditions stated above, a few documents should be presented by the bride and groom to conduct the same-day court marriage successfully.

  • Address proof (Adhaar card/ration card/passport/voter ID)
  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of residency in Ghaziabad
  • Passport-size photographs of the bride and groom
  • Total of three witnesses from both parties

The couple will be asked a few questions and they are good to go to register their marriage in the court with a sign.


This is all about a same-day court marriage in Ghaziabad. You can take the help of Marriage Registration Services in Ghaziabad to make the same-day court marriage process swifter and hassle-free.


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