All You Need to Know About NRI Marriage Registration Delhi

According to the NRI marriage act in India, NRI Marriage Registration in Delhi has been compulsory since 2019. Both couples who are getting married and those who are already married must undergo marriage registration in Delhi. Failure to do so may result in legal consequences and hefty fines. If you are looking for guidance on how to register your NRI marriage in Delhi as a responsible citizen, this article will be of great assistance to you.

NRI Marriage Registration Norms in Delhi

Whether you are from Delhi or you are an NRI belonging to Delhi, this article will help you to get your marriage registration done in Delhi successfully. Generally, marriages in India are registered mostly under the Hindu Marriage Act or Special Marriage Act. But, how to register a marriage with an NRI in Delhi? According to Non-resident Indian Bill 2019, 

  • You need to register your marriage with an NRI in Delhi within 30 days of your marriage. 
  • One of the couples should be a resident of Delhi (India). 
  • Both bride and groom should not have any living spouse. If one of the couples is a widow or divorced, he/she needs to provide the relevant document to prove the condition. 
  • Both of the spouses should be in mentally stable condition. If any of the parties is not mentally stable then the marriage would be null and void. 
  • Both parties should meet the eligible age to get married in India. By any chance, if the bride and/or the groom are below 18 and 21 respectively, would be imprisoned for 15 days with Rs.1000 fine.   
  • By no means, the bride and groom should be in a prohibited relationship. 

If the NRI spouse does not register the marriage within 30 days from the day of his/her solemnized marriage, his/her visa and passport can be confiscated by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs.

Aim of NRI Marriage Registration India 

The NRI Marriage registration bill, 2019 is a revolutionary step to ensure the security of the spouses whose brides/grooms are NRI. 

  • The bill protects Indian partners or spouses from abuse by their Non-Indian Residential spouses. 
  • According to the bill, culprits would be punished if they violate the marriage registration process or get offensive to their Indian spouses. 
  • If any violation gets recorded on an Indian spouse, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs gets the ability to seize, cancel or cause to get detained the NRI and his/her passport and other traveling documents. 
  • If an NRI spouse is found guilty then according to the amendment of the Code of Criminal Procedure 1973, the judge can issue summonses as well as warrants via the specially designated webpages of the Ministry of External Affairs. 

So, it should be clear to all the NRIs that they are not allowed to perform any nuisance with their Indian spouses. Any miserable act against Indian spouses along with the non-registration of marriage within 30 days of solemnization would be treated as a criminal act. 

Summing Up, 

If anyone wants to get married to NRI, please go for NRI marriage registration in Delhi to secure your rights. The Indian government is all here to protect your rights with all the laws and norms.

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